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Download Licenses
How it Works The purchase of any configuration of InView & StockView includes a year of download rights to all updates and upgrades of that software*.

Instead of large periodic upgrades, this policy makes it easy to keep your software up to date. You can utilize and benefit from newly developed features immediately rather than having to wait for the next major release.

Once your year of downloads has expired you can renew your access to upgrades for another year at any time for $95.

With a current license, personal support time can be purchased exclusively via your account page at greatly reduced rates.

As an added benefit, those with current licenses are entitled not only to all the great updates we'll be offering, but also to a complimentary listing in the FindAPhotographer site.

To renew your license or to edit your listing, log in to your account.

( One other bonus - every time a new customer mentions you as the reference for their purchase; you earn an additional six month extension of your license for free. Some customers have earned years of free upgrades. )

*Upgrades do NOT include Panorama Direct since HindSight has no control over frequency or cost. Panorama upgrades have historically been inexpensive, the most recent 5.5 to 6.0 being $59.95.

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