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Streamline Keywording in Lightroom

Typing keywords into Adobe Lightroom isn't just slower, it's much less accurate. It's prone to errors in spelling, capitalization or even in the consistency of your word choices for similar images. For instance, do you want "wind farm" or 'Wind Farm" or "windfarm" or...?

Clicking on a small grid of keyword buttons isn't much better. Their relevance may be non-existent and they may include erroneous entries, vying to be propagated on and on throughout your catalog. How many other, more appropriate, keyword choices could you be overlooking in the meantime?

METAmachine brings several new dimensions to the process in speed, accuracy, consistency and thoroughness.

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With METAmachine's Keyword panel open alongside Adobe Lightroom, you can rapidly peruse lists of your Categories for applicable keywords, selecting them for inclusion as fast as you can double click.

Once you're satisfied that you've assembled the desired keywords in METAmachine, a single click on the Clipboard button activates Lightroom ( or other selected application ) where you can paste into the Keyword cell to enter or add those keywords to the one or many selected images. It's fast, it's easy and it ensures that your images have all the right keywords.

Although you may be limited in your linguistic skills, METAmachine's multi-language thesaurus works just as well with Lightroom as it does on its own. Work in English ( or Spanish or French or German ) while METAmachine adds your choice of Spanish, French, German and/or English keywords to match your selections.

Want more? See our PDF on METAmachine and Lightroom.


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