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SuperSize It!

Bend me, shape me...
searchLynx displays a higher resolution image at whatever size it's been saved at; tiny, huge or a happy medium. How the enlarged image is displayed is entirely up to you. And why not? It's your site and your work being displayed.

You can have the enlarged view set to popup as the cursor is moved over the thumbnail.

Because searchLynx allows you to completely control page design through CSS*, you have almost unlimited ability to create all sorts of results.

Using the built in CSS settings, you control aspects such as the position and border of the popup display.

By the way, notice the thumbnails in the background. In this scenario we've edited the CSS to give the appearance of slide mounts.

A minor modification of the CSS and the basic border can be set to look like a frame with a mat. Either can be colored as you wish.

In fact, you can change the border style, the border width or anything else within the broad realm of possibilities offered by CSS.

*While we'd love to take credit for it, CSS is short for Cacading Style Sheets, a web standard for designing browser pages.

If you prefer, enlarged images can be set to open in their own, separate window, with or without links.

Here the window is in its default format. You can design the window to look considerably different by editing the HTML template used to create the page.

It's all up to you.

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