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searchLynx 5

A new dimension in presenting your jobs, projects, stock and art; searchLynx is the most customizable image gallery on the web. With searchLynx 5 you can post jobs as sets of password protected images for restricted review by clients and prospects, while simultaneously providing open search access to your image library for licensing or art sales.
Freedom and Control No cookie cutters here. You have absolutely unmatched control over both the look and operation of searchLynx.

searchLynx is 100% CSS compliant giving you quick, easy design freedom. Simply click on your choices and let searchLynx write the styles for you, write your own, or roll them together. You get control to the nth degree.

Say it your way. searchLynx understands that you don't want us putting words in your mouth. You decide what you want to say to your customers and in which language!

Beauty is only skin deep though. What about performance? After all, that's the whole point.

searchLynx conducts searches in an instant, returning pages of thumbnails showing the results. Search options are clear yet thorough.

Site visitors can send selected images to their lightbox. Multiple lightboxes can be saved, named and emailed.

Post images from jobs or events, then give out the passcode to allow just the intended viewers to get in and see them. They too can use lightboxes to select and save sets of the images that interest them.

From Lightboxes, a query can be initiated to contact you about the selected set of images for discussion, licensing, print orders or ...?

And then there's workflow. A popular word; a searchLynx feature. Image data can be added or edited via web browser or directly from StockView's Catalogue. You have the convenience of completing captioning or cataloging on your own computer, even when out in the field away from the Internet.

searchLynx doesn't hold your data captive on a web server either. You have the security of storing all of your image data on your personal computer, both as a backup, and ready for licensing, invoicing or other tasks through StockView.

Your searchLynx site bears your own unique domain name, rather than a derivative of the hosting company's URL. Your site stands on its own, it's not just another "shop in the mall". Your clients won't be diverted to competitors hosted by the same company.

What's more, searchLynx can be customized by the HindSight staff to give your site the exact set of features you need and desire.

Read all the details of setting up, configuring and running a searchLynx site in the searchLynx 5 documentation.

Order your copy of searchLynx 5, or suggest that your ISP license a ten pack.

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