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The Browser is your digital light table. The Browser makes it simple to cruise through folders of images to see what's what and where. It reads, writes, edits and imports META tags into a searchable database. If you need big TIFFs converted to multiple resolutions in JPEG, this is the place to do it.

The Browser is your image in-processing center even for those not being added to your Catalogue.

The Browser quickly navigates through folders, disks, CDs and DVDs to help you find images. Click on any listed image to quickly view it and read any attached META info. View it bigger by simply dragging the window to a larger size.
View @ 100%
Rename images one at a time or change aspects of all the names within a folder in one sweep. Use the batch renaming to change everything to lowercase or change spaces to underscores for use on the web.
Move and Convert Work from your incoming high resolution images to load folders with up to three equal or lesser resolutions. Change PSD to TIFF to JPEG or other file type if needed.
Add to Catalogue
Instantly convert, resize and load images into their folders as you enter them into the Catalogue with a single click. Attached info gets entered into the Image Record and the Image Location(s) are noted.
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