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Electric Portfolio

Included with StockView, Electric Portfolio is a searchable image browser enabling you to create your own cross platform stock portfolios utilizing data exported from the StockView Catalogue. These portfolios can be freely distributed via CD or download from your web site. Electric Portfolios can be created for use on Macintosh and/or Windows computers.
Design a personal Splash screen and set your own window colors.
Transfer selected image data from StockView into Electric Portfolio in seconds. Add more any time without rebuilding the whole portfolio.
Display thumbnails images and higher resolution images. How high? That’s up to you.
StockView owners are authorized to distribute their work on an unlimited number of Electric Portfolio copies without any additional licensing fees.
No Installation
Electric Portfolio installs absolutely nothing on the end-user’s computer in order to be run from a CD.
Simple to Use

Built in Help guides users through simple search, viewing and selection modes.

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