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HTML Generator

Loading thumbnail pages to your web site has never been easier. The enhanced HTML generator not only builds the pages according to your instructions, it can gather the images from their various locations, convert them if necessary and load the images into folders. Everything can be prepared for transfer to your web site in a single click.
You don't have to know a thing about HTML. Just fill in the blanks in the HTML Export window and Catalogue can write perfect HTML for you. The combinations give you extensive design control over the look of the resulting pages.
View @ 100%
Use your favorite web building software, or a professional web designer to build elaborate web pages of your own. Install a simple marker and Catalogue can use your page as one of any number of templates to build pages.
2nd Resolution Links You don't have to be limited to thumbnails. If you want images to bear links for a higher resolution view, it's there. Thumbnails and 2nd resolution images are displayed at whatever size you've saved them.
Copy Protection
Optional copy protection prevents viewers from applying the most common methods of copying or saving your images. A click on the image brings up a warning with your copyright notice.
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