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Keyword Sets

Time is too valuable to spend it repeating actions you've already taken. Keyword Sets allow you retrieve keywords you've applied to other, similar images. Use them as-is, or modify them to perfectly fit a new image. Either way, you've simplified the process.
Create Sets

Once you've keyworded any image, those keywords can be saved as a named set for future retrieval.

Search web sites for images similar to yours, then copy and compile the keywords from those pages. Save them or apply them to an image immediately.

Favorite URLs

Make your web searches faster and easier by saving any number of your favorite sites, along with those already provided, for quick access.

Find additional terms via the provided links to search engines, dictionaries or thesauri.

Apply or Copy

Apply a keyword set to an image in Catalogue to save with the image data or write to the image as metadata.

Or Copy the keyword set in order to paste in some other software.

Compile Sets

When you find keywords through web searches, they come in all sorts of formats. Not to worry. Whether they're in lists, paragraphs or even raw HTML, they can be compiled to a usable comma separated list in an instant.

It couldn't be easier to keyword images for being found.

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