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In today's digital world, META data is a crucial element in being able to brand, describe and license your images. Catalogue's META tools are fully up to date with the latest XMP and IPTC specifications.

In fact, Catalogue is a pioneer in writing META data to DNG files.

By the Batch
or One by One
Need to import a batch of images and their META data? No problem! Catalogue can also write META data in batches whether each image gets the same data or its own individual treatment.

Batch writing can be as simple as dragging images from the Desktop or, on OS X, from other applications, such as Adobe Bridge. Importing images and their META data is just as easy.

Write Like No Other

Caption, Keyword and Write META data with the greatest of ease. No little boxes here! Whether you're entering new META data in Catalogue's Browser, Image Record or META Panes, you'll find large, conveniently sized fields to work with.
Combined with the speed and accuracy of the built-in Cross References module and saved Defaults, Catalogue has no equal when it comes to the creation of META data.
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