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Catalogue 4.1

(now available)
Catalogue 4.1 introduces a number of high powered new features to StockView ...with more in the works. There are loads of small improvements, but several big ones too, worthy of noting here. They range from an additional numbering system to the awesome new Browser window.

Click here to download the 1.5 MB Catalogue Addendum, a PDF file documenting these new features.

Dupe Numbering

The new Dupe Settings can be set to create duplicate entries using decimals in the Serial Number. This makes it very easy to distinguish dupes from originals. An original numbered 1234 can have corresponding dupes numbered 1234.01, 1234.02 or even 1234.0001.

Bar Code 128
Code 128 has been added to the bar coding capabilities. Code 128 uses fewer bars than the still present Code 39, making it require less space, in turn allowing you to use larger serial numbers on bar coded labels.
Simple 35mm Label
A new Simple 35mm label is much like the 35mm Label except that it has new quick editing features, which results in making it much simpler to edit its layout. Without having to enter Graphics Mode at all, you can reconfigure the label and modify the text styles.
HTML Generator Catalogue has already had the ability to generate HTML pages of thumbnail images. In Catalogue 4.1 the feature is taken to new levels. With a few clicks of your mouse you can have Catalogue prepare an entire folder full of HTML and images, ready for uploading to your site.
Catalogue has had the ability print contact sheets of thumbnails too. In version 4.1, Catalogue sets new standards, giving you control over the page layout and even prints watermarks over the images if desired.
Image Browser This is the crown jewel of version 4.1. The new Browser window makes it unbelievably easy to organize folders of images and to get them entered into your Catalogue. Images can be resized, converted from one format to another and instantly saved in multiple resolutions. It reads and imports META tags (AKA IPTC and ANPA) too on Mac and Windows.
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