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What good is a database full of words if you can't find anything? Catalogue's searching capabilities are unsurpassed. You can search through tens of thousands of entries for virtually anything in a few short seconds.
Simple Search
Use the basic search on any single data field or a combination of fields.

Catalogue can search multiple data fields at once with different criteria applied to each one. Use as much or as little of the basic search window as necessary to establish exactly what you're looking for.

Catalogue provides several criteria by which a search can be conducted whether you want exact matches or are after all entries with a particular word or phrase buried deep inside the cross references.

Power Search
Another search method allows for easy searching of just the combined Captions and Cross References. The ands and the ors make it possible to actually search for different sets of images at once, effectively conducting multiple boolian searches simultaneously.

Or go off the deep end, use StockView's Researcher to compile complex searches. Display screen shot.

From a photo newslist:
"To distinguish scans from captured shots with a common date, the best way to do that in either iView or Aperture is probably thorough a searchable keyword or other IPTC field. Another option in Aperture (not sure in iView) is to use the search HUD on the EXIF identifier for Camera Make. For example, if you use only Nikon cameras you can do a search on Nikon in the Camera Make EXIF field and get only those images shot with a Nikon camera. Likewise, you can do a search on "does not contain Nikon" to find your scans only, which will not have a Camera Make EXIF field attached to them."

In Catalogue you simply designate Digital or Scan from a popup menu when the image is catalogued. Then you can do straight forward searches for either without resorting to any "tricks".

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