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Catalogue sports the most versatile thumbnail pages available. A simple Thumbnail Preferences window allows you to quickly set the number of rows and columns per page. Thumbnails instantly scale to fit your settings. Would you like that with or without borders?
Click and drag on the bottom right corner to shrink or enlarge the Thumbnails window. No matter how many rows and colums you have set, they'll scale perfectly to fill the display.
Print Catalogue resizes the thumbnail page to match your paper sizes. Set it for lots of rows and columns to get lots of thumbnails per page. Or set the number of rows and columns low for big thumbnails.
Protect your valuable images by having Catalogue print a copyright notice over each image. Watermarks can be set to print high, low or smack dab in the middle of each image.
Catalogue When viewing new images, just double click or drag them to your Catalogue to add them. Up to three resolutions of each image and any associated META data are added depending on your preferences settngs.
Catalogued or Not Whether the desired images are entered into Catalogue already or not doesn't affect your ability to view and print contact sheets. Use the Browser window to select a folder to view, or select any set of images within Catalogue to view or print with Captions and Serial Numbers.
Print contact sheets of particular sets of images to include with your copyright application. Registration is your best protection.
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