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What good are keywords if they're not consistently applied and correctly spelled? After all, consistency is the key to finding images. Catalogue is accompanied by the fastest, most consistent keywording system available.
Fast and Efficient The Cross References file displays your keywords in Categories. Click on a Category to instantly view its Sub-Categories.

As fast as you can scroll and double-click on words they're assigned to an image, along with any words higher in their hierarchy.

With Synonyms activated, all appropriate matches are instantly included.

Keywords are applied directly to Catalogued images or to META data.

Flexible Using the exclusive Qwik Swap feature, you can instantly change from one complete set of keywords to another. This makes it easy to handle scientific terms one minute, layperson terms the next, or even another language.

Start with a commercial keyword list, build your own as you go or use one of the lists included with Catalogue.

Catalogue's extensive search capabilities combined with good keywording mean that you can reliably find the images you're seeking. No garbage in means no garbage out.

See our article on Keywording Theory.

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